Mike Gazzaniga outtakes

Os comparto outtakes, partes de la entrevista con Mike Gazzaniga que no llegaron a la versión final, publicada en EL MUNDO como Memorias de un viaje al cerebro. Hablé con el autor con ocasión de la publicación de sus memorias en español en Paidós. Para los más curiosos o fans del neurocientífico, creo que será de interés. Espero que no haya muchas faltas, pero es un transcrito rápido, por amor al arte 😉

– About you outside the laboratory. It seems to be that you’ve been extremely engaged, not just doing outreach, but actually getting outside the laboratory yourself. There are a lot of scientists that sort of spread the word but don’t get dirty with the civil society, so to speak, whereas you’ve been doing a lot of that. What made you capable of doing both things at the same time: being an excellent scientist and nevertheless not forgetting about the political world, the human world?

+ I’m very sensitive to this day to being in a group that only has one point o view. It just gets tedious to me real fast. […] I’ve always being more interested in a more general questions and for a time I was very involved in very political things.

– What do you hope that the average reader, or PhD student perhaps, might learn, extract or enrich his or her life with by reading your book?

+ When I started the book I was just gonna write a review of split brain research. And then when I started I started filling in with the characters that were involved and seeing as you were looking back over 50 years of career that it’s just the whole model of one becomes a scientists, goes into the lab, and is focused in this problem forever it’s just not how it works. Everybody’s having an impact on you: scientists, other scientists, non scientists and your life is a very organic event of family, friends… ideas are coming from everywhere so I wanted to point that our to students, that when we choose a life of science is not some solitary event, it’s a very intensely social event if you’re really frank about it because you’re always asking people for information for ideas, you’re giving ideas to other people all the time and is very interactive it’s not a solitary, lonely experience AT ALL. I think the Hollywood version of the scientist is just wrong and I thought i’d tell one story to point that out.


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